Our EH&S management systems help guide us to superior performance and environmental protection. Employees strive to continuously improve operations to increase efficiency and reduce energy and water use, emissions and other waste.

Overall, Flint Hills Resources has reduced its per-barrel criteria air emissions by 76 percent at its refineries since 1997.

COOLMAX® EcoMade fiber for socks is made from 97% recycled materials, such as plastic bottles, transforming waste into high-performance legwear.

Commitment to the Environment 

Koch companies operate in diverse industries. Employees apply a steadfast commitment to operate safely, remain compliant, improve environmental performance and meet customers’ needs. Focus is on:

  • Operating responsibly and efficiently

  • Forging productive relationships with regulatory agencies, including the Environmental Protection Agency and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration

  • Providing products and technologies that have positive environmental effects 

  • Achieving third-party environmental certification on products 

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