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Questions and answers on the importance of economic freedom

by Dr. Richard Fink 7/19/2010

By: Mark Tapscott
Editorial Page Editor
The Washington Examiner

Among the biggest obstacles to restoring American freedom and prosperity is the fact too many corporate executives are all too happy to play footsie with government bureaucrats, usually in an attempt to gain a competitive advantage over competitors.

Consumers - and taxpayers - are always the biggest losers when Big Government and Big Business get in bed together.

One result is that instead of having to put consumers first, the corporations put the bureaucrats first. Prices go up, the quality of service goes down, and not infrequently corruption eventually results (See Enron and cap-and-trade, for example). 

But there are honest leaders in the corporate world who go a different way. Charles and David Koch of the Wichita-based Koch Industries are among the preeminent examples of such men and women. 

They've built one of the world's largest private corporations based on the principles of free markets and competition. 

For more than 40 years, the Kochs have also been aggressive supporters of those principles in the public policy arena, a fact that always flusters critics of economic freedom. 

Most recently, the Kochs have been portrayed by some as part of a sinister cabal funding the Tea Party movement - amovement they applaud for its dedication to constitutional principles. 

In the interest of setting the record straight, I asked Dr. Richard Fink, who heads the Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation and serves as an executive vice president of Koch Industries, Inc. about Koch's role in the tea parties. 

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