Your inner carnivore craves it. We bring it to the table. Our 460,000 acres of ranchland support more than 12,000 head of cattle including breeds renowned for their tender tastiness.



For farmers, feeding a hungry planet is no small task. At Koch Agronomic Services, we harness science to create the powerful, next-generation plant nutrients that food producers require to keep things growing strong.


LYCRA® Fiber

Athletic wear. Work clothes. Even sexy underthings. LYCRA® fiber helps them all stretch and recover for superior comfort and wearability. Odds are good that you’re wearing something made with our form-fitting fibers right now.


Building Materials

Next-generation building products: plywood, gypsum wallboard, fiberglass sheathing, and more. Our Georgia-Pacific building products have a reputation for quality that’s as solid as the buildings and houses they create.


Air Bags

With a legacy of supplying nylon air bag fibers for more than 1.5 billion air bags around the world, we have your back. By having your front. And side. And so on.

Connectors - Laptop Connectors - Wire

Electronic Components

From buttons on your home appliances to circuitry in your smart phone to safety sensors in your car to optical data networks at the office, our electronic components keep you reliably connected wherever you go.



Gasoline. Jet fuel. Ethanol. Diesel and biodiesel. We got our start refining quality, dependable fuels to power life’s journey. Today we continue setting industry standards and environmental best practices for how it’s done.


Medical Equipment

From life-saving surgical instruments to life-sustaining insulin infusion pumps, we create and deliver critical components for leading-edge medical devices that countless lives depend on.

Bedding Comforter


You snooze, you win. With bedding filled with our DACRON® fiberfill, pillows feel heavenly, comforters stay warm, and mattress pads provide the comforts of home.



Mealtime is one of the few chances we get to connect with the people we care about. We believe nothing should interrupt these moments, especially the dishes. Dixie® paper products let you linger a little longer and focus on what matters.



From making water safe to drink to helping ensure purity and quality for many of the world’s food and beverage companies, we help lead the industry in creating state-of-the-art filtration technology.


Performance Fabrics

Fabrics made with our COOLMAX® fiber help athletes stay cool and dry. Our CORDURA® fabric delivers hardworking durability. Our THERMOLITE® fabric and insulation provides lightweight warmth and comfort. So gear up and head out, already.



Getting fresh food from field to grocer to you is a carefully choreographed art. From innovative food packaging to our OXYCLEAR® barrier resin which gives beverages up to a 24-month shelf life, we’re glad to play our part.



Our STAINMASTER® carpet revolutionized the carpet industry. And today, the STAINMASTER® brand continues to be a leader in home comfort and dependability by rolling out new products in carpet, tile, grout and vinyl.


Towel Dispensers

Wave hello to clean, dry hands and goodbye to the “ick factor” from touching things in public restrooms. Our enMotion® automated towel dispensers come to the restroom rescue, all while reducing towel usage by up to 30 percent.



Rubber, meet road. Or, more technically, meet our efficient and reliable supply of asphalt products that are focused on safe, durable and environmentally responsible performance. But you can still just call it “road” if you like.

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