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What Koch is doing to battle injustice.

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When injustices hold people back, our entire country suffers.

That’s why Koch has worked for decades to advance programs and policies aimed at disrupting our two-tiered society that is failing America’s most vulnerable and holding people back from reaching their extraordinary potential. And it’s why we and our partners have made a long-term commitment supporting efforts to help our country more fully embrace the ideals of equal rights, inclusion and empowerment.

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Tragically, since its inception, our society has failed to live up to its promise of equal rights and justice for all. But every time we’ve made progress to better live up to these ideals, America has had a positive influence on the world.

We stand with those who are peacefully speaking up and acting constructively to remove the barriers that persist in our society, including barriers that institutionalize racism and unjustly hold so many people back.

It’s up to each of us to face these systemic problems that leave so many behind – to have the courage to look within ourselves and work with others to improve the culture and society as a whole.
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Koch supports hundreds of individuals and organizations that seek to break down the barriers that hold people back, through its support for the Stand Together philanthropic community and other organizations across the country. At the heart of this work is a commitment to equal rights and a belief in the inherent dignity of every person. Koch is committed to breaking down these barriers to unleash the potential of every person through support of youth development programs and scholars across the country, to reform the criminal justice system through initiatives such as our pro bono legal efforts, and to help entrepreneurs achieve their potential through business development support.

We commit to you that our actions will remain grounded in integrity, humility, and mutual respect as we strive to do even more to help overcome these obstacles. If we are to grow stronger, listening critically and receptively to the personal experiences and perspectives of others is fundamental.


Koch’s support for Stand Together and other partners helps hundreds of organizations in communities across the country in the struggle for equal justice, dignity and opportunity. Here are just some examples.

Racial Justice



Economic Justice


Educational Opportunity



Criminal Justice


Stand Together connects social entrepreneurs with passionate partners and the resources necessary to make a greater difference. If you have ideas or want to connect, send inquiries to

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