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Promoting Fairness.

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At Koch, we actively advocate against corporate welfare while continuing to play by the current rules – whether they help us or hurt us.

Ending special treatment for the politically connected

We oppose all forms of corporate welfare – even if it benefits us. From cash payments to anti-competitive restrictions to privileged tax breaks, today’s economy is increasingly burdened by unfair government policies, most of which are baked into our system, making them impossible to avoid.

In a free and fair economy, the success or failure of any business should come from the value of the products or services it offers – not from government handouts or bailouts paid for by taxpayers.

Yet today, this is precisely how our government politicians pick winners and losers. Doing so impedes innovation and progress and moves us all further away from a society of mutual benefit.

Instead of stifling progress, we encourage Americans to embrace “permissionless innovation” – the idea that new technologies and business models should be allowed to develop unhindered if they pose no serious harm.

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Corporate welfare in Washington, D.C. costs more than $11,000 per person in lost gross domestic product every year – $3.6 trillion lost to special favors for special interests.
Source: Mercatus Center

How we’re fighting for you.

Koch supports many causes that promote equal justice and a free and open society. Our advocacy, activism and educational efforts focus on removing the barriers to people reaching their full potential.