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Removing Barriers

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From prisons to start-ups to schools, countless existing laws and policies stack the deck against many Americans and their families.

Tearing down barriers to opportunity.

From prisons to start-ups to schools, many existing laws and policies stack the deck against ordinary Americans and their families.

Unfair and unjustly harsh sentences for low-level and non-violent offenders are destroying lives and families. Reforming our justice system can reduce poverty by as much as 30 percent, dramatically improving both safety and quality of life throughout society.

Pay-to-work licenses required by local, state and federal governments for hundreds of occupations have restricted the creation of nearly three million jobs and inhibited entrepreneurship, harming low-income individuals and communities the most.

Yet another barrier is a broken educational system that too often puts special interests first and students second. Educating young minds is essential to well-being and progress.

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See how we’re building a coalition from across the political spectrum to reform our broken criminal justice system.
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Success Beyond Bars

Picturing opportunity.

First, we chose to “ban the box,” opting to evaluate employee candidates on their potential. Now, we’ve partnered with the Society for Human Resource Management to help other companies do the same, as well as entrepreneurs like Marcus Bullock, whose Flikshop photo-sharing app helps connect families with loved ones in prison.

Success Beyond Bars

How we’re fighting for you.

Koch supports many causes that promote equal justice and a free and open society. Our advocacy, activism and educational efforts focus on removing the barriers to people reaching their full potential.