Keeping it clean.

We help manufacturers worldwide stay ahead of the constant changes in environmental standards. Click on a business, below, to explore its unique specialty.

  • Koch Glitsch logo - Koch Industries, Inc.

    Koch-Glitsch, LP

    Mass transfer and mist elimination equipment for refineries and chemical plants worldwide.
  • Koch Membrane Systems logo - Koch Industries, Inc.

    Koch Membrane Systems, Inc.

    Precision membrane technologies for purifying the world’s water supply.
  • Optimized Process Designs LLC logo - Koch Industries, Inc.

    Optimized Process Designs, LLC

    Full-service support and technologies for the natural gas and gas processing industries.
  • Koch John Zink Hamworthy Combustion logo - Koch Industries, Inc.

    John Zink Hamworthy Combustion

    A single source for emissions control: ultra-low emission burners, vapor recovery systems and custom combustion solutions.
  • Koch Knight LLC logo - Koch Industries, Inc.

    Koch Knight, LLC

    Acid-proof products made from state-of-the-art ceramics and plastics.
  • Koch Heat Transfer logo - Koch Industries, Inc.

    Koch Heat Transfer Company, LP

    Thermal and mechanical engineering expertise and solutions for heat transfer processes.
  • Koch Specialty Plant Services LLC logo - Koch Industries, Inc.

    Koch Specialty Plant Services, LLC

    A world leader for providing tower, vessel and mass transfer equipment services.