Rancher on horseback herding cattle

Matador Cattle Company

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We don’t just raise the beef folks crave. We’re raising the standard through our beef quality assurance certification – the highest quality level in the industry. The Matador Cattle Company operates two ranches totaling more than 449,000 acres and 12,000 cattle, preserving the cowboy way for generations to come.

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Drone flying next to rancher
Drones driving transformation at Matador Cattle Company.

Nature, meet nurture.

Our enduring commitment to extremely high quality beef is matched by our devotion to preserve the land on which that beef is raised. We’re unwavering in our respect for the history, lifestyle and natural resources of these rolling acres. Whether at our Beaverhead Ranch near Yellowstone National Park in Montana or the historic Matador Ranch in West Texas, the rugged and rewarding horse raising, cattle ranching life is here to stay.

Matador Ranch manager Bob Kilmer
Bob, Matador Ranch manager, explains how Market-Based Management® applies to his job.