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Education creates opportunity for all.

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From initiatives spanning the K-12 spectrum, through higher education, to job skill development, we support programs at every level to help kids and adults pursue their passions and develop their skills and talents. Here are just some of the ways we're working to create educational opportunities for all.

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Giving kid inventors a platform to shine.
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Helping high-schoolers think entrepreneurially

Since 1991, Youth Entrepreneurs (YE), founded by Liz and Charles Koch, has helped students like Maribel and Long chase their dreams.

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Promoting success beyond the classroom

YE equips students with the tools to take control of their own futures – like these entrepreneurs who built successful businesses based on YE Foundational Values.

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Supporting students at the next level

Many students elect to continue their studies beyond the K-12 system, whether it be at a college, university or through some other form of professional training. And when they do, we're there to support them.


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Investing in human potential

Every year, we help make college more affordable for hundreds of students by sponsoring university scholars programs and scholarship opportunities.

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Uniting to do right.
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