Koch™ Re-Investing

Betting on Human Potential

At Koch, we like to invest. And reinvest. A lot. Historically 90% of our earnings have been reinvested into our businesses. At the same time, we also invest sizably in our communities and in society at large. Why? To make things better by creating long-term value for our employees, communities and businesses. From the way we operate, to our environmental performance, to developing our people, to transforming for the future. All while helping those in our communities achieve their full potential.

Our People

With nearly 70,000 jobs in the U.S. alone and 130,000 globally, our companies represent a diverse variety of industries and roles. Jobs in operations, engineering, technology and skilled trades create pathways to opportunity that engage our people to harness emerging technologies, learn new skills, build on personal interests and aptitudes, and advance. Our dedicated programs also help support veterans’ transition to the civilian workforce and STEM leaders in mentoring the workforce of the future. 

Innovation & Technology

Keeping up with the unprecedented pace of change requires urgency around how we operate, what we make and how we innovate. Our businesses are driving change responsibly through investments in infrastructure, workplace safety and emerging technologies. We’re investing in virtual reality, robotics and data analytics that significantly improve how we operate. We’re also investing in breakthrough technologies by utilizing our facilities as innovation labs. We do this to find better ways of creating more of the essential products people use every day all while using fewer resources, ensuring safe, fulfilling careers, and supporting our communities.


We believe that the role of business in society is to help people improve their lives by providing products and services that they value more highly than their alternatives, and to do so responsibly while consuming fewer resources. Because we believe conservation creates more value for customers and society, we reinvest in ways that conserve energy and natural resources, and constantly innovate and seek to leverage new technologies to create more with less. 


At Koch, we make things. Lots of things. From products essential to producing life’s basic needs like food, shelter and clothing to next-generation, disruptive technologies that are vital to a better life tomorrow. We make things like plant nutrients, electronics that enable autonomous vehicles, and technologies that are revolutionizing health care by better connecting doctor and patient. We do this because we believe everything we’re doing now can be done better. 

Our Communities

We care deeply about the communities in which we live and operate, so we support our communities in the ways they need it most. Our efforts include partnering with first responders, sponsoring STEM education programs and fostering young entrepreneurs. Our employees mentor youth in need. We support programs that teach job skills to people of all ages. We advocate second-chance hiring for those with criminal records. And we provide academic and skilled trade scholarships to hundreds of deserving students each year.