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Job One: Safety. And we never clock out.

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Our first order of business every day is to improve safety performance toward a goal of zero incidents. This, in turn, protects all of our employees, partners, neighbors and communities. We reject the notion that serious injury or loss of life is inevitable for employees of a manufacturing company – including our own. That’s why we strive to go beyond standard industry practice on safety.

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Safety is the first priority at all of our operations. In order to be in business for the long term, we have to produce products and services in a reliable manner. That means fostering a culture where safety is top of mind.

Dave Dotson, President of Koch Engineered Solutions

Partnerships and Awards

Koch companies have been honored with nearly 1,000 awards for our employees’ commitment to safety. Below are a few examples:

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Minnesota Safety Council

Flint Hills Resources has earned the Minnesota Safety Council’s highest safety award, the Award of Honor, for three consecutive years.

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Grand Slam Award

INVISTA and Koch Fertilizer both received this honor, the highest safety award given by the Association of American Railroads for safe shipping practices. Combined, our companies have received 54 awards for safely transporting products by rail.

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Star Certification

Koch companies have nearly 90 sites that are Star Certified in federal or state Voluntary Protection Programs for continued Outstanding Safety Performance.

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Perfect Record Award

This National Safety Council honor was awarded to 27 Flint Hills Resources facilities. It recognizes at least 12 consecutive months without an occupational injury or illness resulting in days away from work.

Our Vision. Your Safety.

Our Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) vision is to achieve a level of EHS performance that provides superior protection and value, placing the highest priority on risks that could cause the most serious harm to people, the environment, or the business. Members of our EHS group help our companies identify and integrate safety improvements and innovations into their business plans. We will only employ leaders and other employees who embrace and share these values.

Being Safe Starts with the Right People

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Ways we work to be responsible.

In our view, the role of business in society is to create products and services people want and need, but to do so responsibly. This means finding ways to use fewer resources, operating safely, protecting the environment and always acting ethically.