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It’s time to end the divide.

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We want to have an open conversation about removing barriers to opportunity and progress. Our aim is to replace America’s two-tiered, winner-take-all system with one free and open society where all can win.

It's time to end the divide

Our cause: the freedom to flourish.

At Koch Industries, we are unapologetic advocates for the principles of a free and open society. These include integrity, responsibility, innovation, respect, tolerance, humility, equality before the law, free speech and exchange, and mutual benefit. We apply these principles across Koch companies every day. We believe they have been critical to our success.

Sadly, decades of misguided policies have eroded these basic values, creating a two-tiered society that gives unfair advantages to the financially privileged and politically connected few. America today is failing our most vulnerable and holding people back from reaching their extraordinary potential.

The way we see it, a free and open society is one that provides opportunity for everyone. That’s why we continuously strive to advance these fundamental principles.

Three ways we’re fighting for you.

Koch supports many causes that promote equal justice and a free and open society. Our advocacy, activism and educational efforts focus on three basic categories.

Working for a business with purpose

Jenny Kim is working to change the way society treats people once they’re out of the system.

As deputy general counsel and vice president of public policy for Koch Industries, she is driven by her dedication to the law and criminal justice reform.

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The Role of Business in Society

How we think about our role as a business in society.

What sets Koch apart, from the perspective of Koch leader Jim Hannan.

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