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From life’s basics to tomorrow’s technological breakthroughs, it’s our job to create and innovate a wide spectrum of products and services that make life better – and to do so responsibly while consuming fewer resources. Below are 14 of the ways we do exactly that.

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01Fueling the Journey

Getting you to your destination takes energy. We’re on it. From jet fuel to diesel to gasoline, we refine quality, dependable fuels to power you on your way. All while doing so responsibly and seeking to use fewer resources.

Our Pine Bend and Corpus Christi refineries’ combined emissions per barrel are approximately 30% lower than the average U.S. refinery.


From buttons on your home appliances to circuitry in your smart phone to safety sensors in your car to copper and optical data networks at the office, our electronic components answer the challenge of staying reliably connected wherever you go.


Glass invites the world inside. Yet keeps the elements out. You’ll find the modern, high-performance glass we make in everything from homes, to cars, to appliances, to the tallest building in the world.

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04Hungry Humans

For farmers, feeding a hungry planet is no small challenge. At Koch Agronomic Services, we harness science to create the powerful, next-generation plant nutrients that food producers require to keep crops growing strong.

Feeding the estimated 9 billion of us who will inhabit Earth by the year 2050 will require twice the amount of food to be grown on roughly the same amount of land used for farming today.

Camouflage backpack made of CORDURA®

05Rugged Fabric

For five decades, our incredibly tough CORDURA® fabric has been the choice of U.S. military branches for combat uniforms and gear systems. Yet we don't stop there. Today, we continue to innovate lightweight, super stealthy and highly protective CORDURA® fabric technologies for the men and women who protect us – including first responders and law enforcement.


Our Transcend® network-connected lighting solutions do more than just save energy. They also meet the challenge of providing the right kind of light at the right moment – and power a range of other applications to improve the user experience.


Next-generation building products: plywood, gypsum wallboard, fiberglass sheathing, and more. Our Georgia-Pacific building products have a reputation for quality that’s as solid as the buildings and houses they create.

Automotive grilles

08Improving Fuel Economy

In the constant challenge to create more efficient vehicles, we integrate aerodynamic systems into automotive grilles to boost efficiency — providing up to 20% weight savings and up to 30% better aero performance.

By the year 2035, the number of motor vehicles on the world’s highways is estimated to reach 2 billion — twice the number currently on the road.


From life-saving surgical instruments to life-sustaining insulin infusion pumps, we create and deliver critical components for leading-edge medical devices that countless lives depend on in the most challenging of circumstances.


Public health is a big challenge. But our touchless enMotion® automated towel dispensers rise to the occasion. They lower the risk of cross-contamination and help improve hygiene — while reducing towel usage by up to 30%.


The dinner table is the healthy hub of family life. But gathering everyone around it for mealtime can be a challenge. Dixie® paper products help make it a little easier — letting you linger a little longer and focus on what matters.

A road going through trees


Rubber, meet road. Or, more technically, meet our efficient and reliable supply of asphalt products that are focused on safe, durable and environmentally responsible performance. But you can still just call it “road” if you like.

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