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Many of the products that make your life better each day are made with ingredient materials and innovations from INVISTA. From heat-resistant automotive parts to electronics, to containers and food packaging, to fluffy fiberfill for your pillows, to lifesaving medical equipment, our polymers and fibers are the foundation for many of the products you use every day.

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As a leading producer of chemical intermediates for the nylon and polypropylene value chains, many major manufacturers trust us to make the polymers and fibers for their products even better. We own hundreds of unique patents and focus on innovation, delivering products incorporated into your clothing, your car, your home and more.

Combat uniforms made with Cordura® fabric help protect the men and women of America’s military branches.


From pillows to comforters to mattress pads, we create performance-driven fiberfill to fit the needs of all sleepers.

INVISTA employees who eliminated benzene from production process

Making it better.

How our team went all in to eliminate benzene from the production of a miracle substance we all use.

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INVISTA environmental specialist Gracie Nguyen
“I love the outdoors and I feel like it makes my job that much more important because I have to think about where these materials are going.”

Gracie Nguyen, INVISTA environmental specialist

See what it’s like as an environmentalist at Koch

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