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You can tell a lot about a company by how it treats its people. At our companies, we value an individual’s character and their contribution over credentials, connections or group affiliation. We believe in helping all employees have opportunities that fit their gifts and abilities to contribute to society and improve their own lives – and we reward their individual contributions based on the value they create.

Social stewardship at work.

We believe (and history confirms) that a business can only succeed long term if it operates in a spirit of mutual benefit—a win-win philosophy. Of course, this mutual benefit must extend to employees and their efforts and abilities to create value.

Employee self-actualization

Employee self-actualization

We believe everyone can discover and develop their innate abilities and apply them to contribute and succeed when empowered to do so. We seek to create opportunities based on each individual’s unique gifts and potential to contribute. We further believe that a supervisor’s primary role is to support employee development by designing roles that fit, coaching and mentoring to help them thrive, seeking and using their knowledge and ideas, removing barriers and encouraging role changes (anywhere across our companies) that enable them to more fully realize their potential.

Our inclusive environment

Our inclusive environment

We strive to treat every person with dignity and respect, encourage and foster networking, and sponsor activities that are inclusive and focus on shared interests. We celebrate the uniqueness of each individual and believe it is disrespectful to judge a person — positively or negatively — based on group identity. Characteristics such as heritage, gender and many others often inform an individual’s experiences and perspectives, and can help them create value. But no single characteristic should be used to define another person.

The power of diversity

The power of diversity

We continually expand our outreach to hire and retain contribution-motivated employees. Koch selects and empowers employees, including leaders, who have a variety of perspectives, aptitudes, skills, knowledge, experiences and backgrounds. This diversity enables us to work together to identify opportunities, solve problems and create greater value for others. We solicit challenge consistently and respectfully from employees at all levels of the organization.

Compensation & benefits

Compensation & benefits

Our goal is to motivate all employees to maximize their contribution, regardless of their role. This means rewarding our employees for those contributions to our long-term success, consistent with Our Values. We continually look for mutually beneficial outcomes by providing employees with benefit choices aligned with their values and personal situations.

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Maximizing human potential.

Unleashing the true potential of every individual is key to their success. Not to mention the success of their organization and society at large. See why Charles Koch and the Society for Human Resource Management President and CEO Johnny Taylor believe it’s more important now than ever.

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See how our people are achieving career growth and opportunity across our company and throughout society.

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