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The everyday products that make life better.

There’s a lot that goes into making the many different products people count on. Like high-efficiency fertilizers that grow our food. Advanced medical equipment that improves our quality of life. Building materials – both glass and wood – that provide our shelter. And even modern energy solutions that power our future. For a view of Koch Industries few often see, take a journey with us behind the scenes of our facilities to watch how it’s all made.

Season One

Guardian Glass

Episode 1: Guardian Glass

Watch as Koch company Guardian Glass turns simple grains of sand into residential and commercial glass products that deliver energy savings with aesthetic appeal.

Koch Ag

Episode 2: Koch Fertilizer

Learn more about the ammonia-based fertilizers Koch Ag & Energy Solutions produces to help farmers reduce nitrogen loss in the field while producing stronger yields.

Invista brand polymer beads

Episode 3: INVISTA

See how Koch company INVISTA makes incredibly durable CORDURA® Advanced Fabrics for lifestyle products designed to withstand the rigors of extreme environments and everyday life.


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