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Flint Hills Resources

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From our production facilities and refineries, and through our pipelines, come the fuels and chemical building blocks critical to moving our modern way of life forward. We harness the power of innovation and responsible operations to find ways that will make tomorrow even better.

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Flint Hills Resources employees
Our investment in the development and installation of next-generation leak detection sensor technology has the potential to reduce emissions and enhance safety at our refineries.
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Natural resources brought to life. Responsibly.

Life takes energy. Energy requires resources. Our passion is to upgrade every molecule of the precious natural resources we process, minimize waste, transport it safely, and make life better for all. Whether we're innovating more efficient ways to make fuels, or to extract chemicals for use in other vital products, we're doing just that.

Joe Allaben amid trees and ducks
Joe gives careful attention to help refineries run reliably, but his passion for the great outdoors is always at work.
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Continually refining how we work.

With more than 60 years of refining and manufacturing experience, our industry leadership is reducing air emissions and we’re constantly pursuing new ways to increase safety and minimize waste. Here are recent Koch and Flint Hills Resources headlines.