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Koch Investment Companies

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From investing to acquisitions, we seek out opportunities across a broad spectrum of industries. We bring a diverse set of capabilities to the table beyond being a capital solutions provider, including a principled, flexible approach to invest where our involvement can create the greatest value. Koch's investment companies seek opportunities to improve Koch’s capabilities, drive mutual benefit for all parties involved and contribute positively to society.

Investing to create long-term value.

Koch's investment companies are comprised of four entities: Koch Disruptive Technologies, Koch Equity Development, Koch Investment Management and Koch Real Estate Investments.


We partner to create a could-be world – with investments to help disrupt and transform Koch’s capabilities and expand into new platforms.

Strategic acquisitions and industry agnostic principal investments that fit our philosophy and vision for where Koch can create value.

We work collaboratively with internal and external partners to manage Koch’s excess liquidity and global-defined benefit plans.


Our management teams work to align flexible capital solutions with real estate assets and operating companies to drive mutual benefit.

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Over the past decade, Koch's investment companies have deployed more than $60 billion across both the public and private capital markets.

Our latest moves.

Read the stories about how we invest to improve and transform how we operate and create long-term value for our company and our customers.