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Koch Minerals & Trading

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At KM&T, we focus on the real-time trading of real-world resources to create real, long-term value that makes life better for people all over the world. We specialize in the innovative procurement, exchange and delivery of essential commodity products and services that empower our daily way of life, and the development of investments into successful ventures and new, transformative platforms.

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Our companies trade in more than 75 unique commodities across more than 50 countries worldwide. Our investments total more than $60 billion across both the public and private capital markets.

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Together, we provide a critical link in the supply of countless essential ingredients for the consumer, household, energy and industrial products people rely on every day. 

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Koch Supply & Trading

Before crude oil, refined petroleum products, natural gas, intermediate feedstocks, industrial metals and other valued commodities can be put to good use, they must be bought, sold and transported. Our more than 40 years of trading experience helps secure a steady supply of essential commodities for producers, manufacturers and end-users globally.
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Koch Minerals

Minerals are vital to life and industry. From chemistry to manufacturing, to power generation to data analytics, customers require a reliable, high-quality partner. As one of the world’s largest dry-bulk commodity handlers, we market, trade and manage logistics for millions of tons of product every year – including petroleum coke, sulfur, wood pulp, paper products and other vital substances.

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Read about the latest ways our company’s people and capabilities are helping improve life and shape the world for the better.