Koch Pro Bono Awards 2021

Pro Bono. Delivering legal aid to those who need it most.

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For some Americans, making one mistake early in life can turn into a lifetime of consequences, from trouble securing employment, affording a home or supporting a family. The ongoing pandemic and calls for greater equality under the law have only underscored the challenges we face in realizing a more just society.

2022 Koch Pro Bono Awards

At Koch, we believe taking a bottom-up approach is critical. We know that each of us has a responsibility, regardless of our day job, to make a positive difference in the world in our own way. That is why we encourage all Koch employees to participate in our pro bono initiative.

While Koch has hundreds of employees passionate about volunteering their time for pro bono work, we can’t do it alone. We count on our panel law firms to partner with us to further the impact we can make on communities and the lives of those who need our help the most.

The following recipients have gone above and beyond in their work this past year. We are proud to recognize these firms and individuals for their passion and dedication to advancing pro bono through our second annual Koch Pro Bono Awards.

Logan Overman, Koch Pro Bono Award winner

2022 Pro Bono Service Award

Logan Overman, Deputy General Counsel – Commercial, Koch Industries

Logan has contributed to the Koch Pro Bono Initiative since its inception: reviewing and assisting in the review of multiple cases as part of the Midwest Innocence Project case screening activity; working on many criminal expungement cases, resulting in six clients having their records cleared; and collaborating with the Campaign for the Fair Sentencing of Youth in its effort to create a reentry guide for people who were incarcerated as youths. He has partnered with Barnes & Thornburg on multiple projects across the Stand Together Catalyst Community.

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Brendan O’Toole, Williams Mullen

2022 Criminal Justice Pro Bono Award

Brendan O’Toole, Williams Mullen

At the height of the pandemic, Koch asked its panel firms to partner with the National Association of Defense Lawyers (NACDL) and others to work on compassionate release cases for incarcerated individuals at higher risk for becoming ill or dying from COVID-19.
That simple request – and the contribution-focused attention of Williams Mullen attorney Brendan O’Toole – turned out to be life-changing for Sincere Allah, a man who had already served more than two decades in a Virginia prison as part of a 45-year sentence for first-degree murder in lieu of the death penalty. After reading Sincere’s file, Brendan became convinced he didn’t do what he’d been accused of doing, that he been the victim of ineffective counsel and took a plea deal just to save his life.
As a result of Koch’s advocacy that spurred Brendan’s petition, Sincere was granted a pardon on January 12, 2022. Koch’s request to Williams Mullen, Brendan’s incredible effort and Sincere’s own self-actualizing under the direst of circumstances created a cycle of mutual benefit worthy of this year’s Criminal Justice Pro Bono Award.

Barnes and Thornburg

2022 Pro Bono Partner of the Year

Barnes & Thornburg

In 2020, Barnes & Thornburg made a commitment of 10,000 pro bono hours to support Stand Together Catalyst organizations over a three-year period. Since our partnership began, Barnes & Thornburg has provided 3,300 hours of work worth an estimated $2 million. Their support has also benefitted several Catalyst organizations, including Boston UnCornered, Café Momentum, HoPe, Poetic, The Other Side Academy, The Phoenix and UnCommon Construction. Barnes & Thornburg previously received this award in 2021.

Past Award Winners


2021 Midwest Innocence Project Hero Award Winner Wilson Sonsini reviewed dozens of cases for the Midwest Innocence Project, with 41 Wilson Sonsini attorneys participating.


2021 Pro Bono Innovation Award Winner Alston & Bird found new ways to support groups helping military veterans and people sentenced to life without parole as children.


2021 Pro Bono Partner of the Year Winner Barnes & Thornburg provided over 1,500 hours of work, worth almost $1 million, in its first year supporting Stand Together Catalyst organizations.


2021 Pro Bono Service Award Winner Jeremy Hilsman, Chief Counsel for Real Estate, Koch Industries volunteered 200 hours on more than 20 matters – from expungement to real estate issues.