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The Picture.
People and partnerships helping Wichita flourish.

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As the proud hometown of our global headquarters, Wichita, Kansas, holds a special place in the hearts and lives of Koch employees. We share with fellow Wichitans both an entrepreneurial spirit and a mutually beneficial relationship that empowers us all to innovate, transform and thrive. We believe in the power of individuals to effect change from the bottom up. Telling their stories is what The Picture is all about.

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These are the stories of our hometown and its people. And how, every day, our company is partnering with them to do good.

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Individuals learning computer programming

Episode 1 - Catalyte

Discover how a breakthrough program is helping gifted Wichitans with diverse backgrounds break into a high-tech career with zero experience.

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person filling a cup with juice

Episode 2 - Empower Evergreen

A nonprofit resource in Wichita’s North End community is providing education in workforce and small business development to empower everyone to reach their potential.

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A person working out at The Phoenix

Episode 3 - The Phoenix

A sober, active community is helping thousands of people recover from substance use disorder through fitness and teamwork. The only cost for membership is 48 hours of continuous sobriety.

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A person working in a woodshop

Episode 4 - WSU Innovation

Innovations that inspire entrepreneurship and prepare people to succeed in the future workforce are at the heart of multiple collaborations between Wichita State University and Koch.

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A group of Koch's lawyers

Episode 5 - Koch's Pro Bono Initiative

From supporting the Midwest Innocence Project to helping local Wichitans clear their records, Koch’s lawyers, employees and network of partner attorneys have made pro bono a priority.

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Melissa and Ernest look at his art

Episode 1 - Koch Supports the Arts

A local tour of how Koch is helping people develop and apply their creative talents and showcase cultural artistry to create ongoing value throughout the community.

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Man Measuring Liquid

Episode 2 - Koch and STEM

With demand for STEM careers continually rising in the U.S., see how Koch supports employees and initiatives that are helping shape the next generation of STEM professionals.

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Jason Ilian at Wichita Startup Week

Episode 3 - Wichita Startup Week

As the presenting sponsor of an event to educate and connect local entrepreneurs, Koch shares its principled approach to help small businesses grow by creating value for others.

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Charles Koch

Episode 4 - Self-actualization

Helping employees realize their potential and excel in roles that align with their passions and strengths is fundamental at Koch. Learn why self-actualization is one of our Guiding Principles.

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A butterfly on a flower

Episode 5 - Botanica

Botanica is a story of transformation — one that Koch Industries has been happy to support over the years.

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man riding bike

Episode 1 - Second Chance Hiring

See how a Koch employee’s second chance became a success story for himself, Koch Industries and society.

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Recipient of startup week wichita

Episode 2 - Campus Tour

Get an inside look at what it’s like to work at Koch, from workspaces designed for collaboration to a custom technology that’s improving knowledge sharing and problem solving.

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person wearing vr goggles

Episode 3 - Principled Entrepreneurship

Learn how current and former Koch employees apply a shared philosophy of mutual benefit to create greater value, more career opportunities and stronger communities.

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Koch employee

Episode 4 - How Koch Hires

Ever wonder what it’s like to work at Koch? In this episode, we learn about Koch’s hiring philosophy as well as the skills development program training apprentices for accounting roles.

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Christina Long, President and CEO of the Create Campaign

Episode 5 - How Koch Invests

We take a closer look at how Koch invests locally through two Wichita entrepreneurs making a difference in our community, and a broader look back at investments featured in episodes past.

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Bringing focus to The Picture

When veteran television journalist and Kansan Melissa Scheffler left the news desk and joined Koch Industries, she quickly discovered an abundance of new, inspiring stories. They are stories of Wichitans who, in partnership with Koch, are transforming careers, bettering communities and improving lives. In this new spotlight series, Melissa helps paint a beautiful picture of the vibrant opportunities ahead for a city she loves and its people.

Koch employees building homes
Employee volunteerism. Community partnerships. Economic impact.
See how we’re at work in Wichita.