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Human potential. Let's maximize it.

Each of us has unique gifts and abilities to be discovered, developed and applied to make life better and work more meaningful.

Even in challenging times like these, it’s imperative that business leaders help employees unleash their true potential and self-actualize. That’s why Koch Industries and the Society for Human Resource Management are teaming up to help empower individuals to change the world – from within their own organizations.

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The scope of the challenge.

A 2020 survey of working Americans reveals that employers can do better in empowering their workforce to maximize potential.

Source: Maximizing Employee Potential in the Workplace. SHRM Omnibus Research, June 2020

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A self-actualized workforce.
A real solution.

Koch Industries, one of the largest and most successful private companies in America, believes in a bottom-up approach. Koch begins with a philosophy of mutual benefit that equips and encourages each of its 122,000 contribution-minded employees to self-actualize – to discover their innate abilities, develop them into skills and apply those skills to create value for society. By realizing their true potential, employees then enjoy the rewards, fulfillment and sense of purpose that follow.

Unleashing their true potential.

There’s no greater sense of fulfillment than doing what you were born to do. Read the stories of Koch employees who are doing just that.

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Transformational times require transformational change.

As the world’s largest professional society dedicated to serving human resources professionals, SHRM believes today’s landscape requires business leaders to take stock of their most valuable asset: employees. When workplace leaders focus on individual strengths and employees achieve fulfillment, only then can businesses create the transformational change needed to drive meaningful results.


Take the lead.

Download the free SHRM resource, Actualized Leadership

Actualized Leadership

One of SHRM’s most popular e-books, Actualized Leadership, addresses topics to help you maximize your own potential and the potential of others:

  • The myth of self-awareness
  • Leader and team dynamics
  • How actualized leaders think
  • What actualized leaders do
  • Beyond leadership: humility, happiness, passion and purpose